I'm Polly

(I'm Trying to look cool in this selfie!)

Hello beautiful human! I love people, photography, personal growth, travel, cheese, Brooklyn 99, lying on the floor, and spreadsheets! I tell bad jokes (and laugh at them), and I'll pretty much attempt to banter you into submission (or until you relax) during your photoshoot. I've photographed over 500 clients, and I also run street photography workshops all over Europe. My work has won awards, and been exhibited internationally, and I’m the author of two photography books! https://www.pollyrusyn.com

Random Fact 1

Whilst travelling around the world I went to a circus school in Byron Bay and learned to fly the trapeze. I mastered two knee-hangs and graduated to a "catch".

Random Fact 2

My favourite TV show is Brooklyn 99 (NINE NINE). And just like Terry, Polly loves yoghurt!

Random Fact 3

I can speak three languages (English, Polish and Spanish). I can do two dances (Cuban salsa, and "like-nobody-is-watching"). And I can do one party trick (which I'll tell you in person...)


"If you're thinking about booking Polly, then you need to stop thinking and start booking. Dang! She is one of the best photographers and coolest people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. If you're looking for a talented, passionate photographer who also happens to be rock solid in terms of reliability and cool in terms of how personable she is, then you, my friend, need to look no further."

Saskia Nelson | CEO Hey Saturday